MUNCH episode 6

2014-12-27 03:23:36 by ZoomToons

Belated news post, belated seasons greetings!

Shut up... you love it... you LOVE IT.

Speaking of Christmas, check out our brand new episode of MUNCH!



ZoomToons x

NEW Halloween Munch!

2014-10-27 08:45:19 by ZoomToons


We've just premiered our first Halloween episode of Munch on Newgrounds!


It's a two-part story, but sadly we won't be able to possibly make the second half in time for October 31st, sorry about that :(

Still, we completed the first one in time...right? r...right? ...high five? ...where are you going?

Honestly though, thank you to everyone who's been supporting Munch from the start. Zoe and I work really hard on these, and we always appreciate hearing your thoughts on each episode, positive or negative :)

If you'd like to join me for some live streaming tomorrow and catch some behind the scenes work-in-progress, be sure to follow along on our Twitch page:

- Cam x




2014-09-24 03:17:18 by ZoomToons

Hey guys n' gals!

As Zoe and I continue making Munch (Halloween is up next!), I'm keen to start streaming my workflows on modelling/texturing/rigging/animating/lighting/voice/etc. Anyone keen for this?

There's nothing on our Twitch page at the moment, but follow us for new streams starting next week!


Episode 04!

2014-09-20 00:17:38 by ZoomToons


Put your feet up, grab your favourite cake and PREPARE YOUR EYEBALLS!
MUNCH episode 04 is landing on NEWGROUNDS this coming Tuesday!

Tuesday September 23rd 10PM (AEST)
Tuesday September 23rd 8AM (EDT)

Due to Madness Day on the 22nd, we've moved Episode 04's NG premiere from Monday to Tuesday.
You can check out Munch a day early on our YouTube channel:

Thank you for all the support thus far!
We hope you enjoy Munch's ongoing misadventures.


Check out Episode 1: "Bodymuncher" here:

Check out Episode 2: "A Munch in Time" here:

Check out Episode 3: "A' La Munch" here:



2014-08-16 22:40:48 by ZoomToons

Put your feet up, grab your favourite cake and PREPARE YOUR EYEBALLS!

MUNCH episode 2 is landing on NEWGROUNDS tomorrow!


Monday August 18th 10PM (AEST)

Monday August 18th 8AM (EDT)


Check out Episode 1: "Bodymuncher" here:



2014-03-12 19:59:34 by ZoomToons

Hey guys,

We've just released a teaser poster for our upcoming web series "Munch"


Stay tuned!

Created by Cam Ralph and Zoe Harrington

CamoRalph becomes ZoomToons

2014-02-07 23:22:14 by ZoomToons

Hey all,

So, my previous channel (CamoRalph - is closing down as I move all my future efforts over to ZoomToons, a collaboration between myself and my girlfriend Zoe.

Only 1 new cartoon so far (from Xmas 2013) on YouTube as well as a bunch of Let's Paint's, with loads of new cartoons slated for upcoming months in 2014. I'll upload the xmas cartoon to NG once I get approval for MP4 use, but if you're keen to watch it, click the link below:

There's also a bunch of high res art you can check out on this channel, with more coming each week.

Thanks for all your support thus far and here's wishing everyone a bitchin' 2014!

Cam x